New blue iPhone Dock

Well, my old MR2 is now up for sale, as I have moved on and finally decided I had to get a car with 4 doors and can fit the kids in the back.
So I drove a nice black ford Focus, but was eventually smitten by a low K Mazda RX8.
When asked by the dealer what would cinch the deal, I said “Integrated bluetooth handsfree kit and an iPod dock would be really nice.”
So we agreed they would fit a Parrot MKi9200, and I gave them a big cheque.
Now, being a gadget geek, the Parrot really rings my bell. It completely bypasses the car stereo and just uses the cars inbuilt speakers, and a dual noise canceling mike makes the handsfree phone excellent quality. It also features an SD card slot, USB port and a 3mm aux input along with the iPod cable.
Plug in phone, pair it with Bluetooth and its up and running. It can also act as a stereo Bluetooth receiver, so you can watch something on the iPad from the back seat and send the audio to the car speakers. Brilliant. Very happy with this little add on.



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  1. chromeronin

    The Parrot MKi9200 is soooo close to being perfect! I have a few of unresolved issues though.
    1: Occasionally when plugging in the iphone, it is recognised, the small Parrot display shows it playing a song, but I get no audio. The voice-over Parrot menus still can be heard, so it’s not an issue with the mute control on the existing stereo. Unplugging and plugging the phone back in fixes it. Annoying if you have just stated the car and got moving, to have to pull over to reconnect the phone.
    2: It would have been nice if instead of a cable there was a drop in dock that only required one hand, or was faster to get to than fumbling with the cable.
    3: Very occasionally it will crash and reboot. Only seems to be when playing off the iPhone. I have not had it crash playing off the SD card or in a phone call, but I don’t use that as much.
    4: The small remote can be fiddly to use if the road is bumpy, and when navigating a long list of albums, artists or songs takes ages to spin the knob and drop down through the list. I feel it should have more acceleration, faster you spin, skip ahead more tracks/items, not just one item per click of the wheel. Tying into Apples voice control would have been nice, or incorporating voice control to select songs/albums/playlists just like dialling a number by voice-dial.
    However, it all still beats messing with CDs in the glovebox 8)

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