Why the web is broken

I have just realized why I now use my iPad more than my desktop for accessing my favorite websites:

This is what IMDB looks like in it’s iPad application. It makes full use of the smaller screen, the navigation elements are all completely interactive and intuitive, and it loads in seconds.

iPad IMDB App

The web app on the other hand, seems to take an age to appear, and looks, well, crap in comparison to the iPad layout

IMDB through Browser

This was shot on a 24″ monitor, the only app running on the desktop was my browser, and it was full screen. This is the layout IMDB showed me. Narrow, lots of plain text hyperlinks, small thumbnail images that ended up being smaller on my monitor than on my 10″ iPad screen, and riddled with ads. Less than a quarter of the screen was displaying information I was interested in.


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