New Toy – iPad2

OK, so when it comes to gadgets, I am a magpie – ooooh, sooo shiny!

So when I woke up at 4:00am in Christchurch during an aftershock, I remembered it was iPad launch day in NZ, so I woke up my iphone, checked the price on line, noted that even one hour after launch the delivery time was now out to 3 weeks, then checked the bank account, and confirmed I had just enough for the 16GB wifi version and a smartcover, and hit the buy button.

Then the cover arrived a few days later and I got to play with it and imagine what the glass toy underneath was actually going to be like, and started the long wait for the iPad itself to show up, while smirikng at those waiting days in a queue to only walk away empty handed. Then, like mana form heaven, I got an email saying the iPad had shipped and UPS would have it in my hands in a few days. What! Thats almost 15 days early! And even then it turned up the day before it was expected. Go Apple on the customer satisfaction! Under-promise and over deliver.

So, is it worth it? Well so far it has helped ammuse my son over a hospital stay, kept my daughter happy for hours on end with Garage band and been a faithful bedside companion for over a week.

What I really like: Man it is fast. I mean silky smooth and almost no friction at all when using it. In one swift move it made my iPhone4 feel old and jittery. Citrix Player on the pad is simply awesome in how it handles my connection to work, and I got my timesheets in quickly and easily from bed without having to start up my much louder laptop, and waiting for it to boot etc. Movies stream seamlessly using AirVideo, and VLC player (luckily downloaded for my iphone earlier, so my iPad inherited it) plays everything that the iPod app wont, an eboks are simply drop dead beautiful. I might not be able to read a book on the beach or on a bright sunny day outside, but for me, that not really what I want to do when the weather is fine anyway 8)

Complaints: I WANT WIFI SYNCH OF MEDIA – especially podcasts already! Managing my watched list of podcasts went from simple to frustrating overnight. If I watch over an iTunes library share, it doesn’t mark it as watched, so it still synchs to my iphone when I dock it, so when I use my “Unplayed Audio Podcasts” voice command playlist when driving, or excercising, I keep getting casts I’ve already listened to, and when synched to the iPad, if the kids or the missus watches/listens it dissappears from my playlist as if by magic after I synch the pad! grrrr! Ipad needs user profiles – especially for mail and calander. It’s cool that I can synch all my mail contacts and calenders to it just like on my phone, but then I worry that my kids are going to stuff up my schedule or send an email to my boss accidentally. MyPad is a facebook app that atleast gives access to multiple profiles, but no passwords or pins to lock each one out. This is fine on my iPhone which is much more of a personal device, but the iPad is shared with the whole family. And my last gripe, the onboard speaker is really weak. During the hospital stay mentioned above, the movies we were watching was barely audible in such a large noisy space, so the larger screen inviting a coupe of the kids in the ward over to watch the movie was frustrated by only having one set of headphones, and without it was very quiet and difficult to hear.

Oh, and I need another one now, just for me 8)


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