2 iPad, or not 2 iPad

The iPad 2 has now been launched, a million of them have been bought by happy faced Americans, and probably a million more are being shipped as I type this.
In a few days, we should be able to order them here in New Zealand.
I want one, but do I need one?
I am very happy with my iphone4, and that is actually why I never got an original iPad. The iPhone actually felt faster to use in many cases, is much more portable, and has an awesome screen for a little gadget.
I can also justify using it for work, so spending $1000 on a phone can be justified as it makes my working life just a little more pleasant.
The iPad though can’t do everything my 4 year old work provided laptop can do. It can get close, but with no proper USB port I can’t connect to switches to configure them, and not all my clients will let me use their wifi, so I’d have to have the 3G one, and pay for another data connection.
I also want to upgrade my old Mac mini as I am starting to find editing 720p video quite painful.
Now the iPad 2 and iOS 4.3 fix some of those problems.
I can do wifi hotspot on the iPhone, so I can get the wifi only iPad, and iTunes homeshare streaming means I don’t need the largest capacity one. So I can justify getting the 16GB wifi only and not feel I am missing out.
The kids are old enough now that they want to web browse, and the lack of flash on the iPad is actually an advantage here. Not so many unsavory ads, and tons of games. Also if I buy it for myself, and not for work, I can jailbreak it and really go to town on it. I want to get back into coding for it, but I don’t want to have to pay $200 for the joy of running the code on my own damn device. I remember having heaps of fun with my old zx spectrum when my father bought that, and the iPad could be a family computer in a way my desktop can’t be because, again, I need that for work.
So as long as I realise I am buying this as a luxury toy, I can justify it to myself. I just need to convince my wife that we actually NEED it though to liberate $800 from the family budget to buy it. 8)


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