Argh!! Network Failures

Damn Router failed today. 8( First it started crashing every now and then when handing out new addresses on DHCP, or new wifi connections. Then today, it just kept crashing every 5 minutes. Grumble, grumble. After a couple of hours trying to work out what part of the network was dying, hampered by the lack of internet access every few minutes, I decided the old Linksys WRT54G had given up the ghost.
Quick trip down to Dick Smith and I have procured a new Linksys WAG160Nv2 802.11n router.
Once I connected it, ignored the setup wizard and configured it manually I was back up and running. (Note to self, keep the cable modem IP Address details in an easier to find place)
My home network is a little complicated. Because I have a media centre upstairs with no cabling to the lounge, and foil insulation in the floors that make getting wifi all through the house problem, I used to have another Linksys WAP54G acting as a repeater under the TV. This meant I couldn’t use any encryption better than WEP. If I kept the WAP asa repeater, I would be crippling future performance as I would not be able to add any -N clients. So reconfig time.
The WAP54G also supports AP Client Mode (where the AP can bridge two wired ethernet networks together, but does not serve any wifi clients itself), but for this I also need to add a switch. But now we have more ports for the old XBox and the new 360, and an increase in security to WPA2. The new AP gives a signal strong enough to use all over the house, but I did find it weak in the kitchen. I may still have to add another AP to cover all of upstairs, but maybe I’ll make that an Airport – then I’ll be able to stream music to the upstairs stereo without having to have the XBox XBMC on during parties. I’m also going to look at other options for this for now.
Damn network failures during the holidays, feels too much like work!



  1. John

    Update – You can’t trust any brand now, the two Linksys Access Points I bought are shit. The Signal strength on the first one that is my main router is pretty good, but both of them crash often, usually when streaming video, or under heavy load from a torrent. Utter rubbish in this day and age, and this wasn’t the cheapest AP!!
    Very dissapointed 8(
    Next plan is to build my own router. I’ll keep an eye out for a Micro ATX PC that can take a multiport NIC, and a wifi adapter. There are plenty of linux distros out there, and bound to be one that will make a perfect router, or maybe just use Astaro Security Gateway. Will be an interesting experiment anyway.

  2. chromeronin

    Splurged for an Airport Extreme. At NZ$300 is definately not the cheapest, but offers a guest network and a USB port to make a NAS by just attaching a drive. Add a spare 1TB I have here and Viola. All working well. two weeks in and the Airport has not crashed once.
    Downside, I can’t use the linksys to extend the network, as the router one I don’t trust, I think it will keep crashing, and the other one won’t support client mode or bridging. These are going to end up on trademe for $1 and I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. 8(

  3. chromeronin

    4 months later and I have not had to reboot the Airport once, for anything.
    The remaining linksys I am using as just a switch under the TV in the lounge and as an AP for the kids (configured access to be disabled after 8:00pm and before 7:00am). This has crashed 3 times needing reboots.

    Utter crap. Don’t buy these routers.

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