iOS 4.2 is here, available NOW!!

So my iOS gadget stash runs like this:

My phone is an iPhone4, 32GB, and is about 75% full, running 4.1. I bought this as an update to my 3G, which I gave to my lovely wife Lynelle, who was otherwise quite happy with her Nokia dumb-phone, but it was falling apart.

Now she to is a smartphone fan, even though she only uses the home Wifi for Data 8)

So anyway, 4.1 fixed a lot of glitches with iOS 4.0 on the 3G, and every indication is the preformance is even more improved with 4.2, So I will definately upgrade the 3G. I like new shiny stuff, so I will also upgrade the iPhone4 once I am not on call.

Now a week later, I do the downloads for the iphone 4 from my Mac. First attempt, 15 mnutes to download the 500MB+ bundle, and… corrupt. Try again. Second download shows it to be over 600MB! WTF Apple!!!

Anyway, upgrade completed on the second go, and was the most pain free update apart from the huge download, twice! Come on Apple, bit torrents give me GigaBytes of … umm… LINUX OS downloads with no error, surely you can put some better error checking in your downloader in iTunes.

Features I use – Nothing that does Airplay – umm, performance seems the same, umm.. Oh, free Find my iPhone (or as Lynelle calls it, Find My Husband. Damn, she has my Apple ID for buying stuff for the phone.) That works as advertised.  So thats it. Off to try the 3G now.

Only 322MB download required for the 3G. Just have to find something else to do for 15 minutes…….Installing now. Only one download required.

iPhone 3G - update in progress...

iPhone 3G - update in progress...

Hey, 30 minutes later, and it’s updated. Seems to have worked fine. No errors at this stage, so I’ll just have to wait to see if Lynelle notices anything in general use.


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