Adventures with Apple iPhone IOS 4

Since the iPhone 4 was announced I knew one would probably be in my future, but in the meantime I would have to carry on with my 2 year-old 3G. The update to iOS4 I knew was only going to give me some of the features, springboard folders, multiple mailbox view etc. No wallpapers other than the lock screen, and no rapid task switching. So I go ahead with the update.
It takes nearly 3 hrs to complete and nearly ruined the whole phone. It was slow, crashy, dropped more calls and was pretty terrible. Updating to 4.0.1 bricked my phone and after restoring would not last on a call for more than 5 minutes before reporting “call failed” and even completly revolted one when answering a call. This was smoothed out a little by vodafone resetting my SIM. But the apps were still crashy.
So like a battered wife I thought apple will have changed. Steve wont hurt me again will he?
And 4.0.2? One hour in and I love my iPhone again. Eveything app has launched first time, typing is quick, I can hit the phone app and actually get it started in only a few seconds. Only time will tell if it stays this fast, but I am again a happy customer.
Oh, and Vodafone called, they might have a 16gb iPhone 4 on Monday for me. 8)



  1. chromeronin

    Still no iPhone4. Vodafone “forgot” to call me when the 16GB came in last week!!!
    iPhone still crashy, but only in some isolated apps now. I can really tell when the phone is just out of resource, but I’m not sure why the iPod app still crashes out when trying to start up occasionally. Tap-Tap-revenge 3 though is a sure fire phone killer.
    If I wasn’t hooked now on the mail, contacts and calendar sync working so well now with both work and personal sources through Activesync I think I would ditch the phone for an Android. But Android will not be able to synch both Google and work systems at the same time. It would be like taking my PDA back 2 years again.

  2. John

    Ordered an iPhone at full price from Apple. Was on the vodafone site looking to see if I’d have to pay anything from the microsim, and see they have some in stock. ARGH!!!!! Place the order, then cancel the one from Apple.
    I think Vodafone stock management technique is to not tell anyone they have them, and then just sell off what they have. One day later, and the Vodafone site again says iPhone 4 out of stock!

  3. John

    Yay, my iPhone 4 arrived and I am posting from it. Soooooo much faster. And yes, I can watch the bars disappear when choking the phone. Only one dropped call so far. Have to see if that is a continuing trend though as 4 other calls have had no problem.

  4. John

    Loving the new phone. The task swapping just makes the whole ting much easier to get stuff done.
    For example, I gave my wife my old 3G. She asked how to set some stuff up on the phone like ringtones. I went to my settings page, and captured a screenshot of the settings. Then double tap home and into camera roll gallery, tap the poto and send as mms. Took about 30 seconds all up.
    And space. I only have 18 gb od music that i actually listen to. And as i have the 32gb phone, i just synch it all.
    Voice control is pretty good too, but as the iPhone voice over has a very Sydney accent, i have christened my phone Shiela.

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