Setting Up Speech Recognition in OS 10.6.2

Just messing around with my Mac and discovered “Speakable Items”

In OS X, Open the “System Preferences” application.OS X System Preferences

Then choose “Speech”
Speech Preferences

Tun on the Speech options. I prefer to use a key press rather and a spoken command to get the Mac to listen. If you have a faster Mac or a very good microphone, you may want to have it listen all the time.

Setting Up Safari Shortcuts:
There are a few pre built system commands but not many for Safari specifically, but it is really easy to set up some “voice bookmarks”

Open Safari – “Open my browser”
Then browse to the page you want to bookmark.
Say “Make this page speakable” Then for the command, change it to “Go to [Page Name]” eg. “Go to wordpress dashboard” Once you click OK, you should be able to use that voice tag to open the page quickly. Rinse and repeat for other pages you want to tag.

Speakable Page


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