My home setup

Here is how my current network is setup.
Internet connection: cable into my basement.
Router: linksys wifi router with four Ethernet ports, provides the route to the cable and DHCP. An eight port switch, Server is a home built AMD x64 shuttle with 2Tb storage, running Suse Linux 11.0. This is for file/print and VMWare server 2.1. In vm I have a Suse linux enterprise server for mail, and an OpenVPN access appliance. My desktop is a 2008 2GHz Mac Mini, my wifes PC is a Shuttle KPC with 3GHz core2 duo and SSD storage running windows7. Work provide a laptop, and I have 2 old chipped xboxes providing media players to my TVs upstairs and down.
Recently we just cut the phoneline off and are using VoIP phones with an Auckland company Kiwilink providing the access and a local Wellington phone number. All the computers have softphones.


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